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Played a tourney here last visit. It was well structured, but that is the only nice thing I have to say about it. All... Read More

I played here a few times on my last trip and felt welcome right away. Everybody is really friendly, from staff to... Read More

Played here a while ago. If you come for a nice game, skip this venue. My table was filled with regulars grinding... Read More

Poor, slow dealers, calling brush for every small detail. Distracted quickly, desk is a joke, complete mess.... Read More

Not too big, but it is everything a pokerplayer needs. The atmosphere is very good, VERY cosy. It is the place I... Read More

I expected MUCH more, the rooms was a mess, with trash on unused tables, chairs stowed in the corners, etc. NOT the... Read More

Room is of OK quality, but for some reason it made me depressed. Cant really tell Ancient people from dinosaur age... Read More