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this is the sweetest place hands down. From it's upscale top notch looks. The staff is on things here. It's about the... Read More

Lots of tables. Good blinds structures on daily tournaments. Dealers know what they're doing. Cash games are going. I... Read More

It's a nice casino. The room is basic but nice. Went to play an evening weekday mtt that had 39 entries. One dealer... Read More

First time here in like 4 years as I've shipped quite s few mtts here in the past. So I head here for a Sunday $125... Read More

Parking lot is full , so be prepared to park on the street and walk. Is what it is. I just knew it meant they had... Read More

Very familiar with this place Plenty of regs keep it going Good food Dealers are top notch Nice bargain early... Read More

Came to the afternoon tourney $20 4K chips with $5 rebuys at 4K ,no add one . Fun tourney it had 25 runners and I... Read More

It was the only mtt I found in the afternoon after playing at North Quest . I noticed a review about low chairs no... Read More

$130 buy in on Saturday 20K chips and a very nice blind structure . The dealers knew what they were doing . They had... Read More