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  1. Waiting for the Sun to Rise

    Landed on a Tuesday night after a 4 hour flight from Louisville. It was my friends birthday, so the seriousness hadn't started just yet....

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Different that's for sure

The "room" is more of a roped off area between a restaurant and the sports book and bar. Loud. Very loud. But draws... Read More

Solid room

Solid room with a good mix. A little congestion in some ways but good action during my session. Had 9 1-2 tables... Read More

Great versatile room

This is my local casino living in the southern Louisville area (still looking for a local house game! email me!). ... Read More

Small Room, Large Fun

Harrah's Metropolis is located right across the river from where I was born and raised in Paducah Kentucky. It's... Read More

Interesting Room

Very small, but was nice. Good TV's, tables had cup holders, and chairs were good. Its right next to a main artery... Read More