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  1. Very Nice Weather (chuckle) and Awesome Poker

    Ok, I am not British (in case you were confused by the trip summary), but I am from Boston and take several trips to Vegas annually. Thi...

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Very Small and Elegant

Mandalay Bay is by far my favorite casino in Las Vegas, and the poker room is not far behind on the list. The room... Read More

State of the Art

Not really a room, they kind of put up 2 big walls and shoved 25 or so tables in between them. Kind of cramped and... Read More

Walked in, Walked Out

Smelly, old, small and smokey. Absolute joke, mostly southeners living in double-wides parked out back, with... Read More

Very Elegant and Comfy

This room is hands down the most elegant, luxorius and comfortable room in the world (nearest competition, the new... Read More

Pretty Sweet Room

Room had a cool but different layout, two levels. I really liked the system they have; sign in right in the front of... Read More


Room was large, airy, and away from the main casino which means no smoke or noise. One of the best in Vegas. Loved... Read More

Did not meet expectations

Room was dark and smoky, right near the main casino. It was Binion's so I enjoyed my play there but the cage was... Read More