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All things considered one of the better places to play in MA and NH. The room needs to be brightened up and updated.... Read More

Common sense!

A recent review says Encore has high rake because they want to attract high caliber players. This is laughable and... Read More

Do some simple math!

For 1/3 NL, $10 rake makes this game close to unbeatable long term. Unless you can play in top 10%... Read More

Encore is loving this!!

Taking $10 rake out of most pots. Let's add another 10 tables so we can keep filling our pockets with all this money.... Read More

This is laughable !!

Seems like Encore is trying to turn away the poker community. Based on the number of tables, high rake, and laughable... Read More

12 tables?? What a joke

If it's true that Encore is only going to re-open 12 poker tables I say don't bother. This is a joke for a so called... Read More