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  1. Quick birthday trip

    Arrived 2/17 around noon and went straight to O'sheas for some 1-5 spread limit. We actually enjoyed it, having never played spread limi...

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It's obviously a beautiful room, but the tables are far too cramped. My chair was bumped at least 5 times within the... Read More

The space is just walled off from the regular casino. It's nothing special to look at. Not a luxury experience to... Read More

I loved this room. Nice tables and chairs. It has a great modern feel. The table I was at (1/2 NL) was an absolute... Read More

Right in front by the strip. It's loud, cold (by the doors in Feb.), and awesome. The worst poker players I've ever... Read More

Beatiful and comfortable I thought the players here were good, but not great. If you play tigh-agressive, you'll... Read More

Very poor quality tables (and ugly). Mostly tourists looking to "try" poker. Did run into one major shark at the... Read More