Recent Reviews

Great Action & Comps

Always busy. Always action. Very good reservation and call in system. Great comps system. I like the free steak... Read More

Kinda Dead

Went there on a busy weekend and there was no poker games going. Make sure to check before driving all the way out... Read More

The Gold Standard

Very professional poker room inside an Indian Casino. Poker room is completely enclosed and is adjacent to a sports... Read More

Nicely Run Poker Room

It is fairly small room, but very well run. They donot offer a call in list, but do have a pager system kinda like in... Read More

Small and Cramped

I went here late on a Saturday evening and it was complete chaos. There was over 20 names on the waitlist. Mostly... Read More

A Casino Mostly for Slots

There are 3 poker tables in the center section of the casino adjacent to the blackjack tables. There wasnt a game on... Read More

Great Poker Room

The best bet in Jacksonville Florida is huge. There is usually a lot of people there at all hours of the day, so I've... Read More