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  1. Vegas May 30 - June 7

    Got in around 11pm Friday night, played 4-8 limit at MGM as the wife and I wanted to drink for our first night, played til 4 am when the ...
  2. Solo Trip Nov 9-12

    Arrived at 11pm after a pleasant $132 return flight from Bellingham on Allegiant, checked into NY NY into a Park Avenue Room. They sent m...
  3. 22 hours of Poker; March 17-21

    Arrived 11 pm Wed night staying two nights at MB and two nights at Aria. Sat down at MB right away. Super loose table; had one super agg...
  4. Jan 10 - 2007

    I'm including the following background information on myself, with the intention of providing the context in evaluating a room. I read a ...
  5. April 18 - 23 Part I

    PFR = Pre flop raise; PFRR = Pre flop re raise; OTF = On The Flop; OTT = Turn; OTR = River; UTG = Under the gun. C/S= caling station, CO ...

Recent Reviews

Elegant Room

Very Beautiful. Great chairs. Moronic to not include drink holders A mix of easy and grinders. Their are much better... Read More

A smokey dump

This is the smokiest room I've played at on the strip. The table actaully sagged when I rested my armes on it in Seat... Read More

Lots of $ at 1-2

I like this room. it is in good sahpe and a pleasnt place to play. It's virtually smole free as one side of it is... Read More

Very loose 1/2 June 4-5

The tables are too close together, everything else is just OK. Not cut off from Casion so smoke drifts in always a... Read More

The palace is a Palace

All I can say is wow, this is the coolest poker room I have ever been in, the incredible sports shots on the walls,... Read More