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Went up to ramma with some friends iver the long weekend. Had to say I enjoyed the experience. Staff was friendly... Read More

Played here twice on my last trip to Vegas and as nice as the room is. It feels to much like people that just go to... Read More

Was at the rio in late July. Poker room wasn't bad. 1-3 was a good game. Lost of action and always seemed to get som... Read More

Lots of regulars bully the dealers and pit bosses. No rake 6/half hour session to play 2/5 ok buy ins at 100-500 but... Read More

Lots of action, bad beat jackpot, daily tourneys. Free booze. Fun place to play. 5 min away from the Niagara falls... Read More

Casino Niagara/Fallsview casino both are some of the most player unfriendly room I've ever been in, $0.10/hr comps no... Read More