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quiet but competitive

The Gin mill is a home game at its core, but I mean that I'm a good way. it's small and intimate. The management is... Read More

small room

5220 is a small room with little action on the tables. But the staff is friendly. The room is clean, and the location... Read More

the true gold standard

This is the true gold standard of Texas poker. I've never had a bad dealer, bad floor call or bad time. It's in a... Read More

Solid room

The fort is a bit of a drive, unless you're already on the west side of Fort Worth. But I think it's worth making... Read More

what a let down.

Thought this room would be nicer than it was. Especially since it was supposed to be open months ago. You'd think... Read More

used to be better

This is the second best Cardroom in SA which is saying something. The old location was better cause the Pub next door... Read More

gold standard

It has its issues but facilities wise it is the gold standard. Even if you don't play poker, it's worth coming out to... Read More

comps are hard to beat

The room is huge. the game play is solid. The real winner is the the comps. They have hourly comps that are worth... Read More

didn't feel safe

Playing at champions is something I wouldn't t do again. The surrounding area feels unsafe. When I played there the... Read More

small room but nice

Small room but nice if you like that kind of thing. Dealers were decent. Bathrooms were clean. Security was... Read More