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Fun spot!

What a great little card room this is. Everyone there is super cool and you will end up making friends! The play is... Read More

Great place!

I've had some very fun games here! Competition is usually pretty tough but everyone is friendly! People buying the... Read More

Tough competition.

For sure the hardest games I've ever played were here. Chip quality is good, food is decent, hardly any wait times... Read More

Great little spot

If you're in Stockton for whatever reason definitely check this place out if you can get a seat. The play is usually... Read More

Wait times...

I've gotten the chance to play here ONCE because every time I try to play it's over 3 hours of waiting. The... Read More

No wait time. Dirty.

This place is great if you want to be seated quickly. So many tables and there's always an open seat. Food is good... Read More

Needs to host tournaments

If this place held tournaments it would be a perfect place to play. So much action here and a very diverse player... Read More

Hidden gem

Hidden gem in the Bay Area. Extremely clean with very good food. The tournament players are easy and if you know... Read More

Great play, long waits

When you can get a seat the game is usually pretty easy there and you can take home a good chunk of money. But they... Read More