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  1. A Few Poker Hours in Vegas!

    This was a Vegas visit from 05/19 to 05/23. Unlike many of my past trips to Vegas , the wifey was planning to meet on Friday for family e...
  2. Confessions of a NL Low Limit Addict 12/17 to 12/20 Part 1 of 3 LONG

    The plane from Madison, WI arrived in Vegas without a hitch. It was an uneventful flight. I headed straight my hotel for an early check...
  3. Getting off the Schnide in Vegas (very long)

    “Really? Jacks?” I asked the old Asian guy in seat 9. He simply looks at me. It’s $76 for me to call his all-in. I easily have him co...
  4. Confession of a Low Limit NL Addict 12/17 to 12/20 Part 2 of 3 LONG

    Day 2 I wake up @ 9AM. I’m a bit groggy from the night before. My sister (a Las Vegas resident) is scheduled to pick me up 11AM for lun...
  5. Confessions of a NL Low Limit Addict 12/17 to 12/20 Part 3 of 3 LONG

    Day 3 I awake at 10AM to find a text from Corey. They’re headed to the Venetian to start playing. I text back that I will meet them in ...
  6. The Biggest Loser (Very, Very long)

    I must attend an investment conference for continuing ed credit for one of my financial designations. Fortunately, the conference is in ...
  7. Controversial Poker Strategies--Part One (Very Long)

    FYI: I put the restaurant and hotel info in Part Two. During this trip, I encountered controversial poker strategies in each session. S...

Recent Reviews

Miracle Mirage

I'm giving this one a good based on the chairs. I really like them; comfortable and can be raised to a commanding... Read More

Magic at the Mirage

Overall rooms is average in looks and feel. Despite the proximity to the Pit games and slot, noise isn't really an... Read More

Imperial Joke

This is simply a "poker area" inside the front door of the main casino. Bathrooms are some distance from the... Read More

Action Aria

The seats, tables and decor are as good as it gets, on par with the Wynn, V, and Bellagio I played on a Thursday... Read More

Welcome to the Fish Pond

It isn't a room in as much as an "area"; because it's part of the regular casino, smoke from the Pits tends to waffle... Read More

Poker at it's best

Asethically, the Wynn Poker room is among the best in Vegas. Comfortable seats and a classy venue. You won't be... Read More