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common sense

Why don't management combine 1/3 and 2/5 player pool. - also offer 3 blind NL 1/3/3 2/5/5 Evolve or die in... Read More


Spread NL 3 blind games 1/3/5 1.5k cap 2/5/10 2.5k cap Scrap 1/3 and 2/5 Need a first mover in New England to... Read More

NL needs 3 blind game

Can you guys step out of comfort zone and run 3 blind NL games. 2/5/10 1/3/6 Bring back 6max NL full ring is... Read More

rake in not beatable

They are raking roughly 300/hr in 2/5. Please find me a full time player that can beat this rake over sample... Read More

worst room in northeast

Action sucks Rake insanity Dealers slow and rude Floor clueless Management clown show Waitresses come by... Read More