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MindReader wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

I thought it was just me Taking bad beats

This site sucks-

here are some hand evaluations from the last week that I ran into -

300 player tournament and theres 41 left (top 40 make the money) I'm short stacked and start catching hands but I have only 9 BB, I fold everything literally everything. I get 99, JJ, QQ and I fold all of those. waiting for one more person. nothing for 10 minutes. (the bubble has lasted 3 levels now and I'm picking up crazy hands). Finally I get KK and rip it on the BB - after a min raise to the big stack. He has AK. and the flop is AAA. Ensuring I won't win.

Playing cash game 2.5$ 5$- I get AQ - - there is a limp - limp -Raise to 25. I 4 bet to 80$. HE flats on the Button. flop is Q53. I C-bet 80. He Rips 520$ all in. Only losing to a set and no draws I call. He shows 45 of spades. Turn is a 2. river 5 hearts. 1 of only 4 outs that would save him.

Playing a tournament yesterday I witnessed Quads 3 hands in a row.

not saying it "Never" happens in poker- but the bad beats and players that make bad decisions who get rewarded - happens WAY TOO often in WSOP online.

I recorded a session of 300 hands playing live - vs 300 playing online. the number of hysterical "Setups" is unreal. I had Aces 14 times in 300 hands. with 9 of them being against either KK, QQ, or JJ. - compared to live poker - I had aces once. the sheer number of times I got it in with 70% equity and lost was over 20% of the hands.meaning players were catching their cards at more of a 50% rate than 30%. in live poker- I got it in 21 times and lost only 3 times.

The variance on this site is way too unrealistic and it needs a Software/ Algorithm change.

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