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Garagehound1 wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

Wsop online

Okay look... we all have our suspicion about online poker....and there are a lot of bad players that don't want to leave their couch. But hear me out. Wsop is the worst thing you can do online besides creating an account in some offshore b.s.( Bovada) are you listening. As someone who plays recreational poker opposed to the serious stuff I used to play (2005) that paid for my degree by the way thankyou seat 6.... The old saying goes like this when on Wsop. "You can sheare a sheep many times, but skin him only once. " The software claims to be random,but the statistics when you look at them realistic are way out of whack. A player who hits 4 cards outs consistently is just way too obvious. And look at the Live game,honestly do you really think that one player can be @5 tables and play in a manner that would constitute a positive outcome in all games. ( You can determine this when observing by seeing what the table max buy in is and then do math....)If your with me this far then math isn't a problem. Long story short I will no longer play on shithole websites that claim to be fair and then let thier jackpot,supposedly random,BLAST POKER, hit the same 3 players at 3 a.m. By the way if any of you want to know how I've done on the site. It always starts off great then bends you over a table after... get out while you can. Play in person, online is dead and way to easy to corrupt. Don't be a sheep and pay attention. Anyhow 2 bits payed

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XVB wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

Sketchy site

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pkmatteo wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)


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