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AcesInSpaces wrote a review about 101 Poker Club in Katy, TX

Honest Review. Not Impressed!

I went to 101 yesterday for their soft opening and it was a trainwreck. I played in the 1/3 game and while the dealers were pretty good the whole operation seemed smashed and sloppy.

The game girls were sexy but the attention to detail and customer service was atrocious. This was a soft opening but my biggest problem is that they seemed to open because they needed money instead of wanting to showcase a great experience.

The floor guy was nice and accommodating but his very dirty fingernails was disgusting. I play only at FreeRolls and Prime but I gave 101 a shot because I like to support new places but 101 rushed their opening and it was evident.

The tournament director/ floor was a nightmare and it seemed like no one was in charge.

There was 7 handed action at the most and it was small potatoes play.

101 has great carpet, comfy chairs and nice tables but the surface of the tables is kind of uncomfortable because the cup holders are in the table and not the rim. I had a little arm fat6 from reaching and the cards were kind of hard to pick up because the table is hard.

Overall, I think 101 has the right idea of setting up a more asian themed location but the customer experience did not feel based into the plan.

Prime and FreeRolls try very hard to give a good customer experience. Lions and 101 feel more interested in getting my money than my comfort.

Overall. 101 Poker is an okay place with a beautiful carpet, sexy girls and nice tables but after you get past that ... it did not sit well.

One more big issue I had was the liquor license was not in place, the food permit was not in place and the occupancy permit was for the old bar that used to be there. It felt underground and I didn't like that at all. I also saw no on site security and that was bad. The area that 101 is in is ok but it felt a little unsafe.

Overall. 101 may be okay for some but in contrast to the 2 club near them.

Not even close.



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