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nellybescobar wrote a review about 101 Poker Club in Katy, TX

Unprofessional Dangerous Manager

I went and let the manager know that was by the desk that I wanted a seat at the 1/3 nlh bomb pot table. Went to the ATM and tells me to go to table 6. After the dealer change i find out that he sent me to the incorrect table and when i bring it to his attention he said to give him a minute and he would find a seat. After 10 minutes i see the table next to me is a bomb pot table and has a open seat so I ask him if i can move. He said it doesnt work like that and he can't move me because it would unbalance the table. I tell him that I didn't want to be on the regular nlh table and then he starts accusing me of going to the wrong table and saying he never told me to go to this table, and was just very unprofessional. Has the dealer deal around me and I tell him fine I'll wait for a seat. A player on the table comments about the size of my stack and i respond back to him in kind about why would it matter how much money I'm playing. The manager then turns around and says i won't disrespect him thinking I was talking to him and has security escort me out while taking my chips away. The dealer was a witness but he didn't let her talk and it just seemed that she was scared to speak up and I don't blame her if he treats customers like this i shudder to think of how he treats employees. Luckily after 10 minutes of waiting he finally came out and gave back the money he stole from me. A very unprofessional and power drunk manager who will talk to customers anyway he wants. Never had an issue before but will never come again because that horrible manager is dangerous and a bully. And I say dangerous because he went from 0 to 1000 and no time and I never raised my voice, or disrespected him in any way. Stay away guys.

Food and Drink

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Announcements from 101 Poker Club

💰 $32,500 NLH JACKPOT 💰
🆓 🍗 While playing cash games🍻
🆓🏈Football squares Sunday TEXANS games🏈
  ↪ $250/Qtr or MORE!

🥇 $30,000 GTD NLH Tournament 🥇
  ↪Saturday Dec. 16 12:00pm
  ↪$340 + 10,000 chips $20
  ↪ $10,000 GTD 1st place

🍀 $10,000 Lucky Seat Giveaway 🍀
  ↪Saturday Dec. 30 1:00pm - 10:30pm
  ↪$500 drawing every 30min

🆓 $15,000 Appreciation Freeroll 🆓
  ↪Saturday Jan. 6 12:00pm
  ↪Play 1 hour to qualify - 500 chips/hr
  ↪FREE Entry + 15,000 chips $20

  ↪🎫1st place includes $30,000 GTD seat🎫

$20+20 $2,000 GTD PLO BOMB POTS
$20 REBUY / $20 ADDONS

——————Monday - Friday 7PM——————
$60+20 $2,000 GTD NLH

TUESDAY Re-entry
$60+20 $2,000 GTD ROE

$100+20 $2,000 GTD NLH

FRIDAY Re-entry
$100+20 $2,000 GTD NLH

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