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12 Tables
Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-2:00am, Friday and Saturday 10:30am-6:00am
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ProfessorMojo wrote a review about 101 Poker Club in Katy, TX

There's a reason the other places are nervous

There's a lot going on here. First, competition is good for players, because it forces clubs to up their customer service game. If you're the only club in the area, you don't have to try as hard. 101 is opening against one of the more-established clubs in the Houston scene, and this in the wake of the re-opening of That Other Place Off Westheimer Where Everyone Goes. So the bottom line is that you're not just going to be able to get some tables and some dealers and have a game, not when there are other places to go.

101 is off to a good start, because they knew from the get-go what they were up against. The room itself is full of TVs and high-ceilinged, so you get the visual factor without the overwhelming noise that can grind you over several hours play. Parking is not bad, and this is an easy place to find off I-10. You're in the middle of a food oasis, with several joints that will deliver within a block, plus there's almost always a spread in-house. The bar IS coming, too.

The games are good. Again, knowing what is out there has help set the bar on what needs doing (and what needs AVOIDING). Give Bernard and crew credit for grasping this. They recognize that you have to actually be made to feel WELCOME, and that means not just the Usual Suspects but the all-important New Customers. They're doing a good job so far. You run an organized game, you make your players feel good about spending long amounts of time at the table, you DON'T have rude floor or dealers --these are the things 101 is doing.

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