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jflory7 wrote a review about 500 Club in Clovis, CA

Losing business to Club One for a reason.

The card room is poorly run and have a few terrible dealers. Spend a few nights here and it'll be obvious why they're losing consistent business to Club One.

Will often have to wait long periods to start a new table due to lack of dealers. 6pm on a Friday should be a premium game time but they won't ever open a table until the next dealer arrives at 7. Has happened countless times.

They let their dealers play in the games on their breaks. Kinda weird having them share a stack next to you while they bump each other for deal in the same game they are playing. Feels unacceptable to me. So much so that I have no intention of going back now that Club One, the significantly better card room and restaurant is only a few times away.

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