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HoldenBeach wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Best in Vegas

I wish the room were bigger (I think everyone would agree). The tables are a little tight as the room is very often full. There is often a wait for a 1-3 table. The chairs, while once were the best in Vegas, are starting to show their age. Still, I find myself playing here (almost) exclusively, so I must rate it a "5". There are a lot of regulars here, which I personally like. I come to Vegas for 6-8 weeks a year, and over the last year or so, it's felt like coming home each time I walk into the Aria poker room. I believe they have the best daily tournament in Vegas, but the payout structure is something I universality hear should be tweaked. Just eliminate the last 1-2 payout positions so the next few spots get jacked up a little higher.

Me being an "average" player myself, and the fact that every table you sit down at is completely different, I'm not sure exactly how to answer this question. Plus, it's such a subjective question that I don't see how anyone could possibly use it to determine which poker room to visit. I've cashed in 20%'ish tournaments here, (well over 100 entries to their daily tournaments in the past couple of years), and ended sessions positively at cash games 61% of the time. These stats are basically the same for other tournaments (with 30+ minute blinds) and cash games (1-2/3, 2-5) I've played elsewhere in the last few years. There are tons of regulars and tons of tourists. Of the tourists, I'd say there's a good mix of "good" players, players who "think" they're good, players who think they know how to play, (but need to be taught basic casino rules the first few orbits), and players who just have no idea and they sit down just for the experience and give you their money. Sadly, not enough "totally drunk and I've got a pocket full of hundreds" players, but I'd probably wish that number were higher even if it were at 80%.

The dealers are, in my opinion, the best in Vegas. There are good dealers everywhere, but there are a lot of "great" dealers here. Jackson, Houston, Jay, Barbara, and too many others to mention are one of the big reasons I keep coming back. As I think back, I can only think of a single dealer here that I don't like -- and it has nothing to do with her skill level... she is just (consistently) the most disgruntled person I've ever come across and every time I see her, it seems like it is a chore for her to deal the cards.

Unlike so many other reviewers, I can't give a "5" on this one. Service is generally very good, but there are also times (maybe one out of five hours) where I feel like I'm waiting 30+ minutes for a waitress to come by with a water. Also, different waitresses get assigned to tables that are side by side, even against the rails -- never understood this one. I have (on more than one occasion) tried to order only to be told that a particular waitress wasn't serving our table. I'd give this same rating to any poker room on the strip, however. On a side note: I think I'm the only person sometimes that likes the fact that there are no cup-holders on the tables. When they're built into the tables, the tables are never as comfortable. When they're the plastic portable ones, they take up too much space and cheapen the experience. In the (many) hundreds of hours I've spent playing here, I'm pretty sure I've only seen three or four spills.

This is, in my opinion, the best run room in Vegas. The dealers, TDs, management, cashiers, front desk, etc. are all first class. Fair rulings, high competency levels and great attitudes. I honestly cannot think of a single instance where a situation was handled improperly.

I don't really use the comps often, and have no idea how much in comps I even have. Occasionally, I'll order some chicken noodle soup and have never had to pay for it, so I guess they're ok. There are no room-wide jackpots, and I hope they keep it this way.

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