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Very nice room. Well decorated and comfortable chairs. Two big minuses - the room is a good 10 minute walk from the Strip and the table I was at was 20 feet from 500 slot machines which made it feel like somebody was smoking and running a vacuum cleaner in the next room. An extra 2-3 feet of privacy glass like is present at the V would cure this. I went back on Friday and at 11AM they only had 1 table going which was a huge disappointment for opening weekend. Not sure how successful this room will be long term given the other drawbacks.

$2/5NL game was about average. $5/10NL game had all the regulars I have played with before at the V and B. I won $300 in about 5 hours.

Some were new and nervous, but overall it was your typical dealer. No problems.

Did not use.

I wanted to rank this a 1, but I'll give them a mulligan for first day jitters. My very first experience - standing at the podium directly in the front waiting patiently and the floor walks over and greets the guy behind me by name and seats him first...where am I, the Bellagio? Later, several players busted out or left the $2/5 game and we were 4 handed - one of the players asks the dealer for a rake reduction, dealer calls floor, floor very gruffly says no, that more players will come later and walks away. I really didn't care as 2 players were seated within a few hands, but I thought it could have been handled better.

$1/hr, but you would have to play for a day and a half to earn enough for a hot dog and soda, so who cares.

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