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Nice room, but a little tight with chairs bumping and people walking and bumping. Also, too much background noise.

All tough players not a easy one on the table.

Generally very good but one made a four minute comedy act taking a 100 bill from the loser to pay the winner. In the dealer defense, he had a major distraction when KBG gave some chips to the loser on his right (pretty Asian woman) before this started.

Then we had a dealer deal cards onto a player's wet spot from vomit. See below.

Generally very good. But, one waitress caused a major distraction with my most important bet decision of the day. See below.

This is my first poker room review. My second time at Aria I experienced a deal breaker. So now, I am thinking I have a gambling problem.

This past Sunday afternoon, I had been playing for an hour and finally got my first good hand (Ace Face). Flop comes AA3. The guy on my right makes a bet and I am in with him. Just the two of us. I am slow playing.

Now this guy on the right reminds me of KGB, from the movie Rounders, but ten years older. Got what sounds like to me, a strong Russian accent. The turn comes, another 3. I am putting KGB on a pair of faces.

He makes a good bet, I call again, slow playing my hand.

The river comes, and another 3. KGB makes a strong bet. Now, I am starting to think he has got quad 3's.

Now the Asian cocktail waitress arrives with my drink. At my side saying, "got your drink sir." The accent is as cute as it comes.

About the same time, the player two to my left, sitting on the dealer's right, vomit's on the table. About a cup and a half in volume Now in this one hour I have been playing, he has not had an alcoholic drink. Does not appear to be on drugs. Maybe a little bit tired. "Got your drink sir." I am thinking, why did barf-er not turn on vomit on the floor?

The barf-er is trying to take the man on my left drink napkin, about spilling his drink into my chips, and looking like he is going to empty his stomach in front of him and on my cards and chips. "Got Your Drink Sir."

I had previously seen a documentary on casino robberies and they ALWAYS HAVE A SECOND TO CAUSE A DISTRACTION. "GOT YOUR DRINK SIR." the accent is still too cute. Now I am thinking who is coming to snatch my chips.

Another serious player across the table is now trying to hold the waitress off for me. Thank you man. He tells her something to the effect you have to wait he is in the middle of a hand.

During all of this, I am making a decision maybe for all my chips. I want all of KGB chips. Barf-er is still looking like he is going to do it again. I am looking around for who is going to snatch my chips. Barf-er is pointed in my direction.

Taking a deep breath, God this vomit stinks. I re-raise twice his bet. Somewhere in here I give barf-er my drink napkin because he looks like he wants to ask for it but is afraid to speak because he would vomit again. Why has he not turned to the side and back up from the table?

KGB calls and we chop the pot. No 3, KGB had the ace.

Barf-er gets more napkins, so now there is no more vomit on the table. Just his wet chips and wet table felt in front on him. Dealer throws another hand out immediately and the play goes on. Barf-er's chips and cards are on this wet spot from his body fluids.

No move to another table. Seems Managerment does not have any standards or policy for body fluids on the table.

Now the Worst of it. I play for another two hours trying not to touch my face with my hands. There is vomit stink for another hour. This stays WET for a long time. Left the table a little down. Went to another poker room and ending up dropping my entire bankroll, $600. A lot of money for me.

Deal Breaker. Aria seems more interested in maximizing their rake from the table. Letting us play with some wet chips and cards from the vomit.

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