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TheCaptain wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

New and nice, but not extraordinary

Aesthetically interesting if you're facing the room, not so much if you're looking out at the casino. A big complaint is that it isn't a enough of a 'room' and is a little too 'open' and thus you get the slot noise etc. You do get a lot of people traffic though and on busy days I think that's good for a poker room, loose money breezing by with ample opportunity to say 'OK, lemme lose it at poker instead of the pit'. There's relatively easy access to bathrooms and the nearby sportsbook and sports bar/take out place. You're also near the big semi-circle courtyardy entranceway, which is nice. The huge, dark curtains are quite pretty as are the fancy 52-card-each sculptures that decorate the room. It's not quite as luxurious and large as the Venetian, not as high end fancy as the Wynn, not as nouveau and dusky as the Hard Rock, not as crowded and celeb-friendly as Bellagio, not as austere and tucked away as Caesar's. The shufflers, felt and chairs are very nice. 10-handed action is a little tight, physically. I prefer 9-handed but that's a subjective judgment. The tables are large enough to handle 10-handed as long as there aren't too many fatties. The no cup holders thing tends to make for a bit of a cluttered table also. Seriously, no cup holders, neither behind the felt nor the slip in plastic ones.

A lot of locals hanging around, especially during the week. On big weekends, fight nights, playoffs, NCAA March Madness, etc I expect things to be looser and more touristy. January is slowish in Vegas.

Experienced, many I know from other rooms in Vegas where they worked previously. No complaints here.

Solid, hard working. Not extraordinarily fast not slow. Attractive, closer to the Wynn's modelesque style rather than the over-inflated Venetian look, but there are a couple of ridiculously oversized fake cans around, including on a floor person.

MGM rules are a little questionable for me. I've already seen this going on at the Aria but it's commensurate with the other MGM properties and I don't find it by-the-book enough for my standards. That's in terms of decisions. In terms of friendliness and using the seating system and all that I'd give a higher rating but I just think the average poker (and real world) IQ of the floor people isn't what it should be for a room of this caliber. They also aren't familiar enough with the brand new property and weren't able to answer some pretty basic questions about CityCenter in general.

Standard dollar an hour as they don't need to go crazy with special promos and probably won't in the foreseeable future.

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