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jorgenj wrote a review about Arizona Charlie's in Las Vegas, NV

Arizona Charlie's Review

The "quality" of this room was very interesting. They are one of the only rooms that still allow players to smoke at the table. As the editor's review says, players love to smoke here and that is very true. I really enjoyed all the cigarette burns in the felt. There were dealer's sitting at an empty table and smoking and I also saw the floorman, who looked strangely like Johnnie Cochran, pull out a small cigarillo and puff away. I found this all to be pretty hilarious. Oh, and if you thought the Excalibur's chips were dirty, what till you get here.

Given the $1 and $2 blinds at the 4/8 table people love to limp from any position. A good tight aggressive player should love this game. I endured some really bad beats but still left with a small profit. You won't find too many tricky players here. It is usually painfully obvious when the old gal in the nine seat hits her flush on the river and fires out a bet. Most of these players are locals, and the dealers know most of them by name, but it's hard for me to understand how such horrible players can keep coming back day after day. If you have some moral problem with taking somebody's social security money don't play here.

These dealer's seemed to be rather experienced and I only saw a few minor mistakes during my 5 hours here. I thought one silver haired gentleman with glasses was hilarious. He had a pretty dry sense of humor, which I can appreciate. I'm sure most of these dealer's have some interesting stories to tell. One older African-American man dropped an "n-bomb" a few times. Somebody across the table said something to the dealer about it, to which he replied, "I don't give a @#$%." Nice...

These girls bring drinks fairly quickly and are a lot more attractive than I expected them to be. They all were willing to make small talk with the regulars and seemed to be smiling a lot.

There were actually two managers around when I was there. They seemed to be running a pretty tight ship. Probably not too difficult when the room only has four tables.

They have bad beat jackpots posted. You must use both hole cards and the pot has to be at least $20. Not too difficult with all the limpers/callers. The guy sitting next to me hit quads right before I left for around $450. A few players at my table also asked for and received food coupons for the pizza place right by the poker room. They both got the fettucine with chicken which they ate at the table. It did not look appetizing. There is a "mystery wheel" for getting your aces cracked. The last hour I was playing we had three people get their AA cracked. One guy spun the wheel, grumbled about (and refused) his prize (never found out what it was), one lady won a jacket, and the other person won a t-shirt. The guy who won the t-shirt got incredibly upset when he lost. It looked like he was barely holding himself back from jumping across the table and choking out the other guy.

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