5150 wrote a review about Arizona Charlie's in Las Vegas, NV

Throwback room

Friend of mine and I were out running around and decided to hit Arizona Charlies just for fun and ended up at the tables.

Gotta say the card room manager and staff were awesome and really knew what they were doing. Dealers were very friendly (can tell they aren't "strip-grizzled") and did a great job.

One of the odd parts for me though was that you can still smoke in there. Doesn't bother me or anything but if you do stop in you need to be aware of that. It's like old-time poker in there.

Wasn't that impressed with the drinks. They were ok - enough to keep us happy.

Players there were not so good. Once again, be ready for an flashback when you play there. Welcome back to 1984.

So I guess overall - ok place. Not gonna be for everyone but there's money to be made for sure with a good staff.

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