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IQ wrote a review about Artichoke Joe's in San Bruno, CA

best 20/40 limit game in Bay Area

Review pertains to 20/40 limit hold'em
Competition: 75% very competent players
Promos: great Aces cracked promo $500, but $8 drop.
Dealers: a lot of the best dealers did not return after COVID. Some good pro dealers still but also some green dealers that shouldn't be dealing 20/40 yet.
Food and drink: more expensive now but decent. Service is quicker than any other poker room I have ever been to.
Management: poker is the red headed step child of this casino. The Asian games are their bread and butter. Floor rulings and training of dealers can be inconsistent. Majority of dealers are pleasant but some hate dealing to 20/40 players and it shows.

Overall if 20/40 limit hold 'em is your game, AJ's is the place.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Artichoke Joe's Casino

Updated Rakes
3/6 Limit = $3
6/12 Limit = $4
20/40 Limit = $5

Aces Cracked $100 - $300
Daytime: Daily from 10AM - 11AM and 12PM - 1PM
Daytime Extra Hour: Monday - Wednesday 1PM - 2PM
Nighttime: Sunday – Thursday 9PM - 10PM and 11PM - Midnight

High Hand Bonuses
(4 of a Kind $100 & Straight Flush $200)
Running Daily
Midnight – 8AM
11AM – Noon
5PM – 7PM
10PM – 11PM

Royal Flush $300
Running Daily 24 Hour

Please see Floorman for details (no purchase necessary) GEGA-003281 and GEGA-002014
Problem Gambling? Please call 1-800-GAMBLER

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