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Had to go to SFO airport so decided to swing by and check out the room, which is less than 10 minutes from the airport.

This is a full scale casino that has a LOT of table games -- blackjack, 3-card poker, pai gow, etc. as well as a large area in the back dedicated to poker. Lots of parking in the lot and an overflow lot across the street. There's not a poker desk per se, but I found the women who was checking in player and was seated right away. Bad news is that on a Sunday when they were fairly busy they just had limit games running. Played 3-6 limit for about 45 minutes. The players are terrible, calling light and chasing, so you can make money if you hit a hand. But you're also likely to get sucked out a lot. Plus with $4 rake a $2 jackpot drop, the game is impossible to beat in the long term unless you hit a jackpot. I expect the $6-12 and $20-40 games are more favorable.

This isn't the room for me, but if you like to splash around in limit games and live in the area, it's a good choice.

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