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highsociety wrote a review about Atlantis Casino in Reno, NV

Worth the Drive

Decided to get out of Vegas, so of course of all the places I could go I pick Reno!

But the reason for that is there are two outstanding cards rooms here and Atlantis is one.

The casino is great. Stayed for the weekend and these guys know how to take care of you. Staff is top-notch as is the poker room team. It's clean and looks amazing. The facility itself plays second-fiddle to no one.

Nice mix of games, good amount of tables and the daily tourneys are pretty good. It's a slight drawback the add-on doesn't really bump the prize pool but for half your starting stack being only $10 it's a great deal. It's 8k to start, 4k for the add-on so a lot of chances to play.

They do a lot of in-room promos (Aces Cracked, Bad Beat, etc.) so the action keeps rolling.

Players generally know what they're doing but if you're good, you'll do very well.

It's a great experience and I'm looking forward to coming back to the WPT regional event here later this year. Thanks for a great time!

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