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playwithfire05 wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

A very nice room

The tables were a little more cramped than some of the other rooms. However, there were a lot of tables and a good variety of games. There was some wait necessary but it wasn't too bad. It has a unique ambiance because there had been so many big games there in the past. Tons of players and there were a lot of games still going on very early in the morning.

The competition was pretty stiff in my opening. I think this is because the room is slightly intimidating to go into so some of the new players wouldn't want to enter.

For the most part they were pretty good. However, there was a single dealer who must have been having a bad day. This dealer (Eric) openly made fun of one of the players at the table, screwed up a pot and refused to call the floor about it, and was trashing on the other poker rooms on the strip. He was the only problem out of several sessions there, though.

Quick service, attractive waitresses, stiff drinks if you ask for doubled shots. Cant complain here.

A couple of the older guys running the night shift seemed over their head. They were slow to getting people in line. They were making lists of players on tiny 1-inch post it notes. They checked my friends ID 3 times over the course of the night, which was a little annoying. Also, when calling names off the speakers can't be heard from outside the room so you have to stay inside and it can be a little crowded when there are a lot of players waiting.

N/A dont really know.

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