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terrapin314 wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Bellagio - Best tables during my trip!

The absolute best room in Vegas. I am not sure on the exact number of tables, but they were nearly (80%) during my midweek trip.

I played 4/8 hold 'em and found a nice mix of players. There were usually 3-4 local rocks at the table who were of average skill, but knew enough to stay out of the way when you had a good hand and bet it up. There were usually several folks with too much money and played very loose and went through a lot of cash. It was almost like the good players at the tables took turns on winning hands against the fish.

Best I have found. Knowledgable and in control of the tables.

Good drinks in real glasses, but service was a little slow at times.

My only interaction was with the room manager (I am unsure of the exact title) and he was very helpful in explaining comps for playing in the room.

Other than drinks, I had no experience with comps.

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kingnano wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

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