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jorgenj wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Bellagio review

The room is classy, as with everything at Bellagio. I thought I'd be more excited to play here, but it just felt like another card room. It was kind of cool to see Minh Ly walk around, along with David Williams playing in the high limit section.

One thing I really did not like were the chips. The blue chips ($1) left my fingertips blue after I had been at the table shuffling them for a few hours. That has never happened before!

As everybody else has said they really need to upgrade to an electronic list management system. If you get on the list, I wouldn't venture too far away from the poker room because it was very hard to hear names being called.

Most of the people knew what they were doing. A few novices sifted through but overall the competition was pretty tough for a low limit game. One of the Bellagio dealers was playing when I first sat down and she was probably the worst player at the table. Kind of ironic, I thought. I wouldn't play here if it were my first live poker experience or I wasn't very confident in my abilities. There are easier games elsewhere.

All the dealer's I had were top-notch and excellent. However, one guy sat down and immediately began making comments to me (I was in the ten seat) about the player in the nine seat who would not shut up. I thought that was kind of unprofessional.

Later on, the same dealer...on the river a player took some time to make a decision and ended up folding. The dealer picks up the guy's cards, looks at them, shows them to ME (I wasn't in the hand), and starts laughing. I couldn't believe something like that happened, especially at the Bellagio. Way out of line.

The waitresses came around every half hour or so and they seemed to be working pretty hard. They were usually smiling and pleasant. The two ladies working the room the night I was there were very cute.

They were effecient.

No'd have to ask.

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