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Dealer's, manager's in my opinion are good but just can not give them an Excellent due to a couple of things. Dealer and not okay however I would not say friendly. Managers let folks in the poker room get way to far with ranting. It took the management over an hour to kick one guy out.

Competition is somewhat tight and most enjoy just playing the game. Others tend to spend far to much time talking while not in the game.

Dealers are strict however they tend to answer questions that do not need there input during a game.

Played for 10 days off and on and while I was there they only had one Waitress that was usually forced to cover other area's in the casino.

While playing a man sat down and ordered 2 coffee's and 2 bottles of water. Let me tell you this guy was yelling in 5 minutes for his cocktails and when I told him my ears were sensitive to to explosions he apologized and after a brief 10 seconds he started yelling for his drinks again. He was not drunk just kept name dropping that he knew Bobby. He bought in for $100 and was finally asked to leave after I went to the Room Manger. Still took them 20 minutes. Not fun at all!

Never ask for comps just pay for what I want so to be honest I have no idea.

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