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Classy room. Player tracking at the tables now, auto shufflers, well lit and in good condition. The tables seemed spread out, but my chair got bumped 4 times in a 2-hour session.

Found a couple of good players at my table but obviously three or four beginners who hadn't played much if at all in a casino. I think the "Bellagio" name is a big draw for players.

Solid mechanically but lacking personality. Didn't really add to the game. Even when one of the local regulars tried to engage them they didn't say much.

Fast, efficient. Can get premium cocktails like Grey Goose.

Not as bad but still not particularly catering to low stakes players. Took 15 minutes to start a new 1/2 game with 13 people on the list while dealers sat at empty tables. Their claim was they wanted to start higher stakes games first -- they did start a 2/5 but also started a 4/8 LHE. Once our table was called, it still took 10 minutes to start the game because the floor hadn't brought decks to the table. I didn't feel as snubbed as in the past, but I sure didn't feel like my business was appreciated. 1/2 NLH has a 200 max buy-in which is lower than most 1/2 games.

I believe the have $1/hr like other places now that you can log in at the table, but didn't ask. No HHJ/BBJ which is a plus since this room attracts plenty of tourists already.

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