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Spankenstein wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Worst Service Ever !!

Room is nice but way too cramped. Backed up against other players, etc.

Terrible play by bad players. The problem is, when someone shoves $300 at you on a flush draw, and you know it, what do you do with Pocket Kings???? they only have to catch once to kill your stack.

I have never been at a table where the dealers actually yelled at the players. This happened THREE TIMES at the same table by two different dealers. When the floor was called, he even heard the dealer yelling at the players and didn't seem to care. I tried to stay out of it. Asked for a table change that took 45 minutes and reported it to management when I left. Another dealer yelled at a player because he questioned the amount raked into the pot. No big deal, he just didnt have to raise his voice and say "don't tell me how to run my game!."

Waitresses were attractive, when you could find one. I only had red bull, but I don't think it wqas Red Bull (fine) except it was obviously watered down?!? Do they think we won't notice?

When the floor was called to deal with a player dispute it was handled poorly. Two players were bickering back and forth calling names and being rude, ruining the game. One was eventually ejected, the other left to banter everyone else. MGT didnt even warn the dealer about yelling at the players. When i told the guys at the Venetian about it later they said "older oriental lady, yeah she does that all the time".

What comps. I'm not sure I would even go back there with free rooms!

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kingnano wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

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