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Xmanmuchman wrote a review about bestbet Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL

Dealers hands in and out of the pot to much

Its a shame that such a nice place would tolerate ameuter petty dealer thieves.once the dealer takes his rake money which normally means taking the first rake consisting of the jackpot dollar and initial 5 percent then he will take the final money later.his hands should not be in and out of the pot between each and every round of betting.on the river many times while playing there i see the dealers hands in and out of the pot while the hand is going on.i asked and he responded oh im just making change!yeah right.this happened on many occasions.players u must be careful playing here.this so called making change during the hand is an old trick.i told them leave the @#$% white chips out there,if u need whites 4 your tray then ill give u change after the hands over.

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