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Count me Impressed

I was here once before the Wuhan Virus and I thought it was pretty boring. Creative management has done well for the... Read More

Poker at high limits

I have in DC visiting a good pal who is also a poker player. We decided we would spend the week being social rather... Read More

Busy Room with many games

Oceans 11 is situated about halfway between Orange County and San Diego. I stopped by on my way back from a Padres... Read More

Much Improved

Hawaiian Gardens is so improve from my last visit in 2012 that I hardly recognize the place. Back then it looked... Read More


I showed up at 4pm on a Saturday looking for $2-5NL, but there wasn't a game. There was only a list. My name went... Read More

A Pleasant Room

Before the main Casino and the distractions offered there is a stand-alone poker room all to itself. I'm hard... Read More