Oceans 11 is situated about halfway between Orange County and San Diego. I stopped by on my way back from a Padres game and things were humming. I got so tired of waiting for the $300 NL game I jumped into the 5-5 game $400 - $1,500. It was really a boredom thing on my part. I wasn’t planning on playing poker so the majority of my bankroll was at the hotel. If I had busted out of this game I was gone for the day so I concentrated on playing my best game.

What I found were guys with plenty of money to push second pair out of position. I won $150 this way from an older guy who wouldn’t believe my Ace. An hour later or so I sat down at the $300 NL and more than doubled it in an hour when top pair thought that I was semi-bluffing with my set.

They must be making cocktail waitresses out of condors these days because you only see them once an hour. The food smelled good but I did not partake. They have some good looking ladies at the cashier and running the list.

On one of the walls is a large mural of the rat pack in the Original movie. It’s a painting of an iconic photograph that you have probably seen even if you haven’t seen the movie.


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