In comparison to Hawaiian Gardens the Commerce is still a bit of a @#$% hole, but that just might lead to more gamblers who aren’t as discerning about their environments. Like HG they have also switched their NL structures since I was last here in 2012. Now they have exact buy in games with bigger blinds. I played the $300 game and the chips were flying. There was more than one guy at the table that would make a move with shrewd raises and then chase later on a total gamble. These guys have a lot of poker experience but they don’t always have enough self-control not to lay down a hand once they have married it. There is something about getting a flush in general that seems to be addictive to the point that they don’t mind calling all-in with one card to come as a big underdog. I was actually surprised to see one guy fold in this scenario. Maybe I was wrong about his flush draw.

The cocktails weren’t cheap and a cocktail waitress was still a rare site. Lord knows why they do not have more of them. I never interacted with management except to get on the list. They were doing a good job of filling tables as players dropped.

I drove up on the 5 from Anaheim so the exit spit me out at the front entrance. Still, I found the back entrance a better place to park in relation to the walk.

The Preakness was going on and the race book was packed. It may have led to more poker players for all I know. If I get a chance I might go back a play there again before I leave town. It didn’t take long to triple my stake.

Food and Drink

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