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LukkyChucky wrote a review about bestbet Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL

Non local winners are not welcomed here

I went to Best Bet Jacksonville, FL for two days. It's a nice facility with poor management. On the first day the same set of rules applied for me as for the locals but after winning on day one management came up with a whole new set of rules just for me on day two. They had 10 tables of 2-5 NL running and nearly all of them had at least one seat open. Normally you can choose which table you would like to play on but after they discovered I was a winning player, evidently they decided that I could only play on TWO of the TEN tables and those two were the ones with all their best players on them. Upon returning on day two instead of the manager just pulling up the table lists on the computer as normal, she actually told me to hold on a minute she would be right back, then walked all around all the tables looking at who was playing and put me on the toughest table she could find with the best players. Of course she knew this about these players but I didn't until playing on the table for a while. On top of that I ran card dead for two hours. I asked for a table change and again she only offered me one table and stated this is it right here if you want to play. It was the only other table with all solid players. I watched and all other players that came in behind me were able to choose their table. I'm not a gambler, I'm a semi-pro player and have a strict set of rules for myself. One of the most important is game/table selection. If your serious about making money playing poker this is extremely important. I know ego's abound in Poker and most players think their the best in the world but the truth is if the table is all solid players no one has much of an edge if any and they are indeed gambling on who will catch the cards. The same thing is true if the table were filled with only bad players. The only way you have a truly good edge in poker is if you're playing against players that play worse than you do. Whatever your skill level. Best Bet knows this and once they find out your a winner, they will do everything in their power, which is a LOT, to make sure that you don't win too much against their regulars. That way they can keep everyone as evened up as possible and then Best Bet can be the only winner with their ridiculous rake. They had more Brinks money moving trucks in and out of that place than Greyhoud bus lines had buses moving at the downtown bus depot. lol

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