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Mikew5285 wrote a review about Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, CA

horrible ruling and dealers

I had a similar experience with somebody posted just a few reviews before this. I had 10 8 on the board with 2 10s and other Broadway cards. I was playing 5–5 had over $1000 in front of me, the pot was only about $250. Went on the river. I am faced with a $120 bet. Of course I'm calling. I say call I flip over my cards. The dealer takes my cards put them in the muck, and I immediately stop her and said that I called. She said she didn't hear me call. I'm like it doesn't matter I table my cards. You can't just put them in the muck. she asked if anybody heard me say Call. I said, did you hear me say fold, she said no so I said, why did you muck my cards? She had no explanation. Floor comes over check the cameras and tells me that it wasn't a call. I've been playing here for 18 years. I've never seen such a horrible ruling and horrible dealers. If you are a regular or wore a regular here you obviously know how downhill this place has gone. All the good dealers are gone, they don't care about the customer anymore. They only care about the table games. Poker is now shoved into the corner. After that ruling, I got angry and started cussing and they gave me a three month ban, which I was never aware about until I went back two months later. I even called prior to coming to make sure there was no issue just because of what had happened. They told me on the phone. They search my name and everything's good. I'm good to come play. When I get there I get stopped and told that I have a three month ban and I can't come back for another month. I start recording my cell phone, they tell me there's no recording, so I put it away. I continue to talk with the manager, but he doesn't care, and this is the same guy that made the horrible ruling. And then pull out my phone and take a picture of him, he immediately tries to put his hand over his name tag, but was unsuccessful and I got him with his name tag and all of his license numbers. And then I was told I now have a lifetime ban. Good cause I never wanna go back there again. That place can go to @#$%.

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