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  • Caesars Palace

Tables, chips, chairs, decorations, seclusion from casino.

Amazing... simply.

Played 3/6, 6/12, and 1-3 NLH as WELL as 4 different tourneys.

Bad players overall and the good ones think they are better than they are. Nice players as well though.

Great place to play for competition (good mix-9 fish for every shark)

Not only fast and efficient, but knowledgeable and personable. Very nicely done and professional but still keeping a sense of humor.

We asked for a cocktail waitress and we recieved one in a snap.

Great drinks as well.

Knew the answer to every question and were very kind as well... not afraid to stop what they are doing to get what you need.

High hands, freerolls, GIVEAWAYS... some of the best comps I have seen in town.

Only thing missing was a bad beat jackpot but that's overdoing it considering all the other promos they have.

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