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J_Bryant_Hill wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Good Times, Sat. 5/3/2014

The chairs are comfortable. The lighting is natural. The decor is current. The room has a good vibe.

The players at my table ranged from good to lousy. It was a good mix of beginners and experienced players.

The dealers are a seasoned and good-natured bunch. Frank the Tank and Tyrone were the most memorable of them to me.

Food and drink delivery was timely, and without a noticeable gap in service during the inevitable shift change.

Jeffrey Vanderlip was the floor manager on staff, and he did an excellent job handling a pair of rowdy guests seated with us at the $2-5 NL table. It was a difficult thing, b/c if they left or were forced to leave, the table would break. Mr. Vanderlip talked them down, which prolonged the game probably an extra 2 hours or more, which I sincerely appreciated.

I did not investigate the comps. I got preoccupied with the game at hand.

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