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Grange95 wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Most Improved Big Room

Plenty roomy between tables, with dedicated tournament area for larger tourneys. Tables are in good shape, chairs are starting to show some wear. Room is off the casino floor, so it can be rather quiet (good or bad thing depending on your preference).

I only played 1/3 NLHE this trip. Table had several weak players, and there were even two players totally new to live poker. It wasn't quite a midnight drunken tourist fish-in-a-barrel game, but for mid-afternoon on a Friday, it was about as good as it gets.

Dealers were generally solid technically. Some were a little stiff, but a few were personable. No complaints.

Big improvement since I last played a lengthy session here last a year or so ago, and it felt like the poker room was the Isle of Misfit Toys as far as drink service. This trip, service was regular and fairly quick. I don't know if they still serve only well rotgut or have allowed some mid-range booze, but they brought me hot green tea with a smile. (If they still serve don't serve Captain Morgan or Jack Daniels, then consider this a "3").

This was a major improvement as well. Management opened a new game quickly. Floors were friendly and professional. I have had some serious problems with this room, and had basically written it off, but now it might be back in my regular rotation. Certainly worth a look.

Comps of $3/hour are being offered all December. Room spreads 1/3 NLHE, which I believe offers a higher Total Rewards tier points/hour award as well (over 1/2 NLHE at other Caesars properties in Vegas), all via the Bravo tracking system. I do hate the HHJs ($100 for quads, $200 for straight flushes) and BBJ (quads beaten) being offered, as a big room shouldn't need promotional gimmicks. But, it's a small issue, only knocking this rating down to a "4".

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