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greathands1 wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Poor dealer attitude

I went to Caesars palace to play late night poker. . Night started off good til Tyler the late night dealer say down to deal. First of all @#$% poor attitude by calling out a player that was about to leave for the night who was there for quite sometime. Tipped very well til he was leaving but along cones Tyler who sits down I understand it's hard enough dealing long days but to sit down begin calling out a player who's mask was down for a short time he gets berated by Tyler about his mask down no please mask up or nothing just gets mad and kinda tells at player to "PUT YOUR MASK UP". I worked for Caesars Entertainment and with Tyler's bad attitude that was completely uncalled for. The guy left before he planned because of it and I told Tyler that attitude was completely unprofessional he told me they should know better by now. I told him if it wasn't for our @#$% in the room and chairs his job wouldn't be needed. He told me to go complain and I told him don't worry I will and I went to casino floor in the pit and complained about him. I apologized to customer and told him I work in another casino and that kinda bad attitude wouldn't happen... Your in hospitality that guess should be treated with respect and didn't need his attitude. You list my business I will never step foot in Caesars again because of his Attitude. Hope that he gets fired for that horrible experience. We inspired our guest to play but not as long as Tyler works there and I used to work Caesars entertainment but I WOULD NEVER TREAT A GUEST LIKE THAT!!!!

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