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rybraz wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

This is what I expect from a Vegas poker room...

Very nice room, comfortable chairs, brightly lit, very nicely decorated with sports/poker photos. Definitely the type of quality poker room I'd expect from a premier casino in Vegas.

I only played in the 3pm $70 tourney here on Monday (finished 2nd out of 44 runners, sweet!!!), but the players were a good mix, young/old, good/bad. Overall, kind of tighter than I expected, but I like the predictability, which explains my good showing.

Dealers were all pretty good, no misdeals or screw-ups that I remember. I'm terrible w/ names, but there was one dealer (older man, Middle Eastern decent) that stood out who was really funny at the final table. Again, if you're a yakker, you better be funny, and if you're gonna be funny, keep the game moving while you're doing it.

Service was a little slow, waitresses were average-looking, but they were at least polite & professional. Probably should have had more than 1 waitress at a time for a room this size.

TD was very personable, explained everything well and ran a good tournament. No floor calls that I saw, so they get a 5 until proven otherwise.

I'll give a 3 - I'm guessing this is same as all the other Harrah's properties. I have no info. to offer here.

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