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Tucson Jim wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Very nice room, quality players

Big, big room with lots of space and high ceilings. Could be they are competing with Bellagio, which has become a sardine can, and are starting to attract more top celebrity players. Lots of aisle space except for the main one leading to the tournament room. I was on table six and was always getting bumped by people walking by, very distracting and annoying. Try to get at the end of the table in this row. Bathroom at poker room entrance was closed for cleaning, next one was like 1/4 mile away, also closed!? WTF.

There is a mix of players here but don't expect anyone except the occaisional drunk to be donking off their chips.

No mis-deals, they kept control of the game and were quiet, friendly and professional. They apprecitated tokes and thanked you each time.

Very adequate but could get slow when things got busy.

Floor person seemed frazzeled trying to start tornament, sign people in, deal with hand disputes and do player cards at the same time. Tourny director wouldn't even help her. Could have had help to make this room more efficient.

$1 an hour for this place? A dang muffin is $11. Other rooms have a much better comp program. Didn't notice any jackpot info.

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