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FooMaster wrote a review about Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas, NV

Small But Got Action

Went up to Cannery for dinner and decided to get some hands in. I knew going in it was a small room but I didn't know how small.

Honestly, I walked past it twice. It's just three tables in the middle of the casino that totally blend in. If you aren't paying attention you're going to miss it. So obviously the play is limited.

But on the other side, I did have fun playing. Some good action and what really surprised me when I was getting ready to sit down was those three tables were filled. I got the last seat and went out.

A lot of these players are pretty loyal to the place and the floor person did treat us very well. The wait staff kept coming in and it was a pretty pleasant game. And I made some cash too. Play was reasonable enough you won't flip out if you play for a couple hours.

A lot of food options. I was disappointed with my dinner and the service I had at dinner at the Italian place (hostess Paris was very nice though) but there are a ton of places to eat in there so I'm sure you can find something good but mine bombed out so I'm marking them down.

It's not one of those places you're going to run out of your way to go play but I will say that if you're in the casino or very nearby you'll be OK if you decide to sit down for a while.

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bigd2172 wrote a review about Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas, NV

Not bad

The room is par for the older rooms in vegas. Chairs not too good,tho there are additional cushions available Tables... Read More