(425) 296-5045
Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
10 Tables
Daily, 8:30am-7am
  • Casino Caribbean Kirkland

Comparing to all places around greater Seattle, it's an OK place. Middle of the range.

NLH cash games - slow action: 1 or 2 tables during any weekday, gets better on Fridays and Saturdays. Highest proportion of nitty retirees per table than in most other rooms. Excellent food discount if you play cash games.

Tournaments - this is the only house in greater Seattle offering tournaments in freezeout format: no re-entry, no re-buy and the rake is very decent (15% comparing to 33% at Tulalip). Too bad they don't have larger events.

Overall ambience, though, is depressing - old fixtures, dirty chips, no shufflers, the place rooks really run down.

Conclusion: if you are up for challenge to bully elderly players who play only premium hands and like freezeout tournaments, but don't mind depressing appearance of the room, check it out.

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