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MissedAgain wrote a review about Caribbean Kirkland in Kirkland, WA

Tournament was a BUST

My experience for my first visit to Caribbean was not a good one. The tournament structure was not as it was advertised. it is listed as 20 minute blinds and they only had 15 minutes. The house take was high. I went to a $50 rebuy tournament where they took $15 for the house. on the $200 they take $50. With the blinds being shorter then they advertised they also stated the auto-shufflers were down and the dealers would have to hand shuffle. This slowed things down dramatically. The blind structure was very VERY player unfriendly. they started 100-200 then after that started with a big blind ante. so in just round 2 it was 100-200 and big blind had to pay an addition 200 to the pot as an ante. This doubled from here out.

Look the short version is they obviously don't care about tournament players here. they want it over with as quick as possible to run more live games.

Don't waste your money if you are wanting a good structure.... This aint it!

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