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6 Tables
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2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
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2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
2:00pm - TBD
FunGuy wrote a review about Cash Casino Red Deer in Red Deer, AB

Rules mean nothing.

It really irks me how the "regs" constantly get away with breaking the rules. Speaking different languages during the hand, tipping off other regs to the strength of their hands, folding out of turn constantly when another reg has a decision to make. Very cliquey group of regs. Dealers are good, fast, but they need to enforce the rules to ensure fair play. But it @#$% me off to no end that the regs get away with so much. They let the "popular" players get away with breakiny the rules and if you speak up you gey nasty looks and they talk @#$% about you right at the table. No integrity among those who can speak other languages and abuse the english only rule during a hand. If you do decide to play there be very careful of the regs, they like to congregate at one end and never play each other. When they do, as they will just check it down, even with monster hands. When I first started playing there I enjoyed it, bit the cliqueness and table talk have worn on me to the point where I don't enjoy myself anymore.

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